​Cafe review : Welcome to Yogyakarta for The Homey Cafe Resto, GiggleBox

Yogyakarta – If you are the big fan of vintage things, you must be familiar with this cafe resto. Yes, GiggleBox which firstly opened in Bandung city. And now, Yogyakarta chosen as the 26th outlets in Indonesia. I was invited to join the brunch time in a blogger gathering yesterday. The theme put was “Happily Ever After” with all kind of ambience supported. It makes me imagine to be a princess who entering a new world that will give me a happy feeling after. 

How’s the Vibe?

First time I arrived I feel the vintage and homey athmosphere around as usual (I have ever visited GiggleBox in Bandung before). It was also surprisingly nice, with warm lightning and ornaments such as wooden seats and window home decor. GiggleBox claims it’s not just a cafe but a place where you can feel the happy moment with friends and family. And I agree with that.

What to Order?

We were served with the various menu both local and western menu, crispy chicken Maryland, iga garang asem, and many more. One the recommend food is Medallion Mozzarella Beef, a pasta served with beef topped in mozzarella. The beef taste is really delicious, so tender and creamy with a savory marinade. The chef said GiggleBox always using the high quality meat.

The main menu served for our brunch are beef rancher, spicy chrispy beef with sweet and sour sauce with additional mushroom sauce and also grilled chicken vietnam which served with rice. As I told you before that the meat used is in good quality, so as well for this two menus.

Beef Rancher

Grilled Chicken Vietnam

They have various kind of drink and coffee, so we would not just come here to eat but also to chillax with friends.  The price here is so affordable, so don’t hessitate to come and feel that happily ever after feeling.
GiggleBox Cafe & Resto


The location is very strategic in the downtown Yogyakarta.

Lippo Plaza Jogja, Grand Floor 61

Jl. Laksa Adisucipto 32-34 Demangan, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta


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